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A Serious Satire of the Church,
Theology, and American Culture
After this 13mb .pdf  loads, you may download Last Supper Red in its entirety to your computer or other web-enabled device.  Of course, you can read it here as well. 

To navigate the file, slowly move your cursor over the very top of the document until the grey rectangle with curved ends appears.  On it you will find on the far left a square icon.  Clicking on it will download your e-book.  The minus (-) and plus (+) icons will, respectively, reduce or enlarge the size of the book on your screen.  If you click the Adobe icon on the far right  of the rectangle, it will reveal the pdf's complete navigation tools.  Using the wheel on your mouse will also allow you to move between the pages.

Since some devices have a hard time downloading the file, you may first want to read the Technical Talk here.
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